House of Crypton

Victoria A. Rospond
Lea H. Cloud
Lissette Tiburcio
New York, NY

Crypton is a revolutionary fabric system created by Hi-Tex Corporation for hotel, restaurant and institutional applications. Its fabric fibers resist almost any type of stain or surface damage. The House of Crypton doubles as a part-time residence for the client and a publicly visited laboratory, highlighting a variety of textured and solid Crypton fabric installations.  Because the site occupies a corner of the 14th floor in a New York City skyscraper, the design approach explores the relationships of Crypton fabrics with both natural and artificial lighting. Natural light is carefully controlled; the perimeter of the building dematerializes, yielding a softly-lit container for contents of the showroom. The existing walls are planes that provide a neutral backdrop for the evolving collection of fabric showpieces.  

Inside the container, a variety of standard Crypton fabrics were used in unconventional ways. CDR Studio also experimented with the new possibilities inherent in Crypton fabric texture, color and porosity when selecting wall fabrics, ceiling material and upholstery. In juxtaposition to the serenity of the perimeter, CDR Studio selected and reworked vintage and custom furniture pieces with strong forms to highlight the flexibility of Crypton’s fabric.